Read this if you’re all out of HOPE!!

Eighteen years ago, I left the safety of my home and embarked on a journey – after about five years I was forced to make a decision that would change my life.  I decided to cut my ties with, what I would call home.  I sold two houses, my parents and my own home in England; there was no going back.  I was officially, a resident alien or an US immigrant – I wasn’t too concerned or afraid at the time, because it made sense to me, I had lots of opportunity and HOPE for the future.

From then, it was not always a smooth ride.  There have been some moments of real regret.  Around 2008, I made a bad decision, but I don’t so much regret it – in fact it was the right decision, it was just badly executed.  Today, I stand by it because I learned so much from it – I still have HOPE left.

I recently, met some people and was able to discuss their future.  They told me what they do; and from that I could tell you what they earn.  I had recently helped a student with their homework – it was about investing and 401K’s.  So I could also, have told them a little about their retirement too.  It wasn’t adding up to be a good story – it never is, I know my own balance it not what is could be, should be – the table below is from another blog.

babyBut, its not too late, ever to build a retirement fund, there is still HOPE, lots of it.  The question I ask, and its the one I can answer, is who is going to help you build it.  If you can’t answer that question, then perhaps you don’t have any HOPE left.  Last week, my business partner and wife, Yvonne spent a week at a workshop, she was in the company of many people who could help her build our business; in a short-time she was telling me about the great people that she had spoken to and it became apparent that she was full of HOPE again.

This business, network marketing is about HOPE, we have encountered so many personal stories where it seemed that there was no HOPE left; only for an amazing story to be told.  And why, because they met someone who was willing to help.  It wasn’t about the product they were selling (although it is important) so much, as the people they met along their journey.  Looking back over the last 8 years, we have met some remarkable people; some who have really made a difference in our lives.  Some are so important, they are still part of our lives today…

So I challenge you, think about three people who you would say have made a difference in your life (we include Woore, Falcone, Robbins etc).  And if there is no one, you can name, then its time to ask for help, you need some of our HOPE, we have plenty to share….


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