Find their passion, find their anger…

We have been away, working on some personal things.  Necessary distractions, but still not on our plan – we are behind.  Life has a way of interfering, but still exhausted we did keep in touch and made money too.  We are back and planning to finish very strong.

Did you watch the Rio 2016 Olympics?  Motivational speakers often drop into sport analogies, possibly to easily for some – not everyone is in to sports.  Below is one of the finest moments in Olympic history.  In comes from the Barcelona 1992 games and for me being British, Derek Redmond encapsulated the spirit.  Please watch, it moves me every time I see it.

How can we use emotions?  Are they good or bad?  Are they helpful or a hindrance?

Friends will tell you that I am not an emotional person, although I have strong passionate moments and certainly can show anger (frustration).  In sales (and networkmarketing) we must find your emotional triggers in order to close a sale.  We ask questions like, how does that make your feel or what do you like best? Or how do you feel if you didn’t have this product.

We need you to smell the freshly baked cookies at an open house, see and smell new car or picture yourself on the beach.

The Olympics generated many emotions for me.  Memories of watching the games with my mother.  Competition at school, winning and losing. Frustration at not achieving goals, but mostly admiration at watching dreams.  We are not back today, but we are closer to being back



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