Game changers, distrupters or just common sense

Companies that have changed our lives are prevalent today, we can look back and wonder who has a Sony Walkman, virtually no one because we transitioned to the iPod and now either a iPhone or even Android phone, by the way do you even have music on your phone today or is it Pandora, Spotify or some other music subscription?

Have you subscribed to Amazon Prime, of course we all have had the little box delivered to our house.  Its causing a tsunami through the retail industry and malls are either closing or being re-purposed, one in Houston now is home to a museum and a fitness gym, another will be demolished – this is in the 4th largest city in America, where will future American teenagers go?

Change is occurring and its getting faster.  So, it’s no surprise the health and wellness industry is changing too.  Walmart recently announced it was planning to acquire Humana (health-benefit provider), Amazon wants to provide online prescription services.  What drives this is not just market share, its being able to sell more services and products to its databases and customers.  In the end, the retail industry whats improve its analytics and high-lighted below.

You can see why malls are closing, and why high-end stores are filling their space, but also note the numbers of the vitamin or pharmacy. stores are not great, both are being pressured online by better service and products, both values are the shared by us here at  Recently, we have added additional products, but recently we added an amazing rewards program for our customers

One of the core values, we share with our customers is the drive to get healthier, to look better and to enjoy life more…another is to travel.  We we are able to help you there too, through a simple rewards program, intrigued then go to #InfinityTravel.  How does it work, its very simple, buy product from us and we will reward you with travel dollars, you can use those dollars to purchase hotels, flights, rental cars and more at a substantially discounted price.  Let me give you an example:

Recently, I was working downtown in Houston and was attending a networking event afterwards – I was expected to leave until late and then be back downtown early the next morning.  It didn’t make sense to drive 40 miles home, so I went to a typical search engine and looked for a hotel – you can do it now, typically they cost $100 to $200 dollars a night.  I then, went to our rewards site and did the same search, what struck me was the nearest hotel to the event, was $167 taxes paid, it was a five star, branded hotel – the same hotel on the search engine was $367, I saved $200 – staying in a great hotel, perfect location and cheaper than best price.  I also get extra credit dollars, but you will have to ask me how, and reduced the price by another $130 to $37.  I booked the hotel….who wouldn’t, I could have got to stay in a cheaper hotel at the same price, but I got better!!  Yvonne joined me, we had a great evening and I got huge husband credits….

So I can offer you the opportunity to earn the benefits, just become a customer of ours, sign-up for the travel program and go to work.  In our industry, its a game changer – yes there are similar perks, for example car buying programs, which attract many people into the business, but these require you to achieve a certain level and they also require you to buy the vehicle on your credit.  Let this sink in for a moment, if you don’t make your sales quota, you still have a car payment to make, with less pay – that is not a benefit, that is a liability.  With our program, the worse you have to do is buy one cheap product every month (it’s $12 by the way) to keep your rewards…

So we only have one question left, where do you want to go next?

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