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Game changers, distrupters or just common sense

Companies that have changed our lives are prevalent today, we can look back and wonder who has a Sony Walkman, virtually no one because we transitioned to the iPod and now either a iPhone or even Android phone, by the way do you even have music on your phone today or is it Pandora, Spotify or some other music subscription?

Have you subscribed to Amazon Prime, of course we all have had the little box delivered to our house.  Its causing a tsunami through the retail industry and malls are either closing or being re-purposed, one in Houston now is home to a museum and a fitness gym, another will be demolished – this is in the 4th largest city in America, where will future American teenagers go?

Change is occurring and its getting faster.  So, it’s no surprise the health and wellness industry is changing too.  Walmart recently announced it was planning to acquire Humana (health-benefit provider), Amazon wants to provide online prescription services.  What drives this is not just market share, its being able to sell more services and products to its databases and customers.  In the end, the retail industry whats improve its analytics and high-lighted below.

You can see why malls are closing, and why high-end stores are filling their space, but also note the numbers of the vitamin or pharmacy. stores are not great, both are being pressured online by better service and products, both values are the shared by us here at  Recently, we have added additional products, but recently we added an amazing rewards program for our customers

One of the core values, we share with our customers is the drive to get healthier, to look better and to enjoy life more…another is to travel.  We we are able to help you there too, through a simple rewards program, intrigued then go to #InfinityTravel.  How does it work, its very simple, buy product from us and we will reward you with travel dollars, you can use those dollars to purchase hotels, flights, rental cars and more at a substantially discounted price.  Let me give you an example:

Recently, I was working downtown in Houston and was attending a networking event afterwards – I was expected to leave until late and then be back downtown early the next morning.  It didn’t make sense to drive 40 miles home, so I went to a typical search engine and looked for a hotel – you can do it now, typically they cost $100 to $200 dollars a night.  I then, went to our rewards site and did the same search, what struck me was the nearest hotel to the event, was $167 taxes paid, it was a five star, branded hotel – the same hotel on the search engine was $367, I saved $200 – staying in a great hotel, perfect location and cheaper than best price.  I also get extra credit dollars, but you will have to ask me how, and reduced the price by another $130 to $37.  I booked the hotel….who wouldn’t, I could have got to stay in a cheaper hotel at the same price, but I got better!!  Yvonne joined me, we had a great evening and I got huge husband credits….

So I can offer you the opportunity to earn the benefits, just become a customer of ours, sign-up for the travel program and go to work.  In our industry, its a game changer – yes there are similar perks, for example car buying programs, which attract many people into the business, but these require you to achieve a certain level and they also require you to buy the vehicle on your credit.  Let this sink in for a moment, if you don’t make your sales quota, you still have a car payment to make, with less pay – that is not a benefit, that is a liability.  With our program, the worse you have to do is buy one cheap product every month (it’s $12 by the way) to keep your rewards…

So we only have one question left, where do you want to go next?

Try following me…




Over 25, You have been challenged!!

Over 25, do you have over 25 lbs to lose. If you are like me, over 50, and wanting relive your younger days, then you possibly have more to lose, well first let me congratulate you because you found this page.

Since I was 40, 45, 50 years old I have been wanting to lose the extra pounds, you know the beer belly that won’t go away. And if you are lucky you have an encouraging woman too, who is telling you that you need to eat healthier too. Whoa,too much information right.

So I am here to save you some time, there is a weight-loss page that I need you to look at and scroll down to the weight loss calculator.  You need to know how long it’s going to take to lose your weight – yes its going to be a long, long time.

Why do I recommend the Slenderiiz Challenge; because I have lost 25 lbs using the recommended products, it wasn’t hard to follow, I didn’t count calories, I did eat healthy, but you’d be pleased to know I ate steak too.  Yeah, had to drink more water and less coffee and beer, but that goes with the weight loss territory. I did moderate exercise, nothing like the people on the “biggest loser”, but as I lost weight, I felt naturally more energetic and wanted to do more. Go to the site, because it offers you a choice, to get some natural help – consider it, because it can half the time, or even faster, its your choice.

Note: you may have missed the competition – don’t worry, that’s not your goal today…your goal is to lose weight quickly




Need some hands on education

Its been a while, and article recently published online titled America desperately needs to redefine ‘college and career ready’ has motivated me to return, because it’s topic close to my heart.  If you are at college, or have kids planning to attend college you might be a little concerned, but later in the blog I discuss my own success story, which will provide some comfort and show a new career path too.

One of the key messages in the article, doesn’t read well at all:

For every 100 kids who start college, just 25 get degrees and attractive jobs. Some 45 drop out, and another 30 graduate but end up under- or unemployed, reaching the end of the college rainbow only to find a pot of rejection letters and debt.

Twenty-five percent of kids are not fulfilling their dream; then perhaps we have built the wrong education system.

I remember my own education, I was somewhat of a late bloomer – I sucked at English and Mathematics (and I was in the top classes at school), so I sucked at a high level and that hurt.  I liked technical drawing, physics and metalwork, but I was not academically wired and so I left school at 16 years old.  One of the reasons I was given permission to leave school was that I was apprenticed in to a top engineering firm and it appeared I was on a path for a mechanical engineering career. Do you remember that math thing, this is where it hurt most; and I was soon lost. Looking back, I have more than 30 years experience in the Chemical Industry, so something did change:

  • 1975 Left school, joined engineering company
  • 1978 Started at college, studying Physical Sciences
  • 1982 Associates degree in Chemistry
  • 1984 Final year at college, degree in Chemistry
  • 1988 Left college to join, International Scientific Research Facility outside London
  • 1996 Left the Research Center, multiple patents and joined chemicals consulting firm in London
  • 1998 Transferred from London to Houston, USA
  • 2017 I still working for a chemicals consulting firm in Houston; manage a team of consultants

There are more career milestones than described above, however I was fortunate to land a job in my chosen discipline, but it wasn’t easy.  I left school with no chemistry training and so for the first few years I had to study hard, studied basic and high level chemistry at the same time.  Had a few setbacks too. During that time I had to correct years of math blindness and although I was smart enough, I wasn’t brilliant, however through hard work – I passed.

In 1987, I was interviewed twice to join a prestigious research center – the first time I was rejected.  The second time, I was hired into the  perfect team and 18 months later I was asking them, why they hired me.  It was my Team Leader’s answer that shocked me; and it changed my life completely.

I was hired by my perfect team and 18 months later I was asking them, why they hired me.  It was my Team Leader’s answer that shocked me; and it changed my life completely

He said, “we have many smart people working here and they are very good at what they do, but what they don’t ask creative questions.  They think they know their stuff, but you keep showing them what they don’t know, enough so that it scares them and they are motivated to find the answers”. By now, you can tell I am not the smartest tool in the box, but I am one of the sharpest – all though my career I have applied one simple skill – ask questions, and then ask why or why not.

This was an important career lesson for me – first success will come if you are focused, determined and somewhat adaptable.  I believe success is possible for everyone, but requires a different paths.  This last point is critical, and today I  can help anyone be successful once we have defined their path.  Years later, its all about finding the opportunity, and preparing to jump – even without a parachute.  It’s okay, you will land safely…

In closing, how has these lessons impacted my other chosen industry,  network marketing, where the path to success is through duplication. Firstly, I believe anyone can succeed in this industry, particularly those with no academic background, the young and old, male and female, any color, any language, the list goes on.   However, duplication must be a simple route, so that anyone can follow it – I have noticed that if those around me are not duplicating then my path is either too complicated or worse, there is no path. If there is no path in your business or life, I would be happy to discuss…



In 7 days…

In 7 days, it is our 1st year anniversary with Ariix. Many things have happened in this first year, some planned, some not planned.  Here are some of our most news worthy events:

  • May 1st – Yvonne and Kevin joined Ariix and launched with
  • June – Both of us attended the Ariix Drive convention and met with Ariix President Mark Wilson and CEO Fred Cooper
  • June – started working with the Ariix Income System and later Ariix+
  • July – Yvonne completed Team Lead, XII and Gold status
  • August – Launched the website
  • November – Launched Jouvé and the website
  • November – Yvonne and Kevin attended Go Pro Recruitment Mastery 2015 in Las Vegas, NV
  • December – Joined the 3X team
  • January – Kevin weighed under 200lbs, losing more than 20 pounds in the month – we started spreading the word with
  • February – Yvonne attended “be the brand live” in Houston, TX
  • March – Kevin jumped 988 feet from the top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, NV with Ariix President Mark Wilson
  • April – Yvonne met with CEO Fred Cooper and Ian Chandler in Dallas, TX

What will the next 12 months bring us?  Who can tell, we have a number of goals to meet in the next few months – one for certain is that we will still be with Ariix, look out for our video blog series “90 days of Ariix” starting May 1st, 2016



Never use this word ever….

Seriously, never use the word but…, ever because there are good alternatives that are close to the same meaning; and allow you to keep the discussion, project or debate going.  You know how it goes “I agree with you, blah, blah, blah, but…“.  Yvonne has often said to me, straight after “so you don’t agree, really”, and of course she is somewhat correct, but…

So my favorite three words I try to use instead (requiring so effort, change of sentence and mindset) are:

  1. However
  2. Although
  3. And

Okay, the last is a cheat, but it works.  It truly builds consensus and rapport, try it sometime…and although it requires extra thought and practice, I believe the results are worth it


Read this if you’re all out of HOPE!!

Eighteen years ago, I left the safety of my home and embarked on a journey – after about five years I was forced to make a decision that would change my life.  I decided to cut my ties with, what I would call home.  I sold two houses, my parents and my own home in England; there was no going back.  I was officially, a resident alien or an US immigrant – I wasn’t too concerned or afraid at the time, because it made sense to me, I had lots of opportunity and HOPE for the future.

From then, it was not always a smooth ride.  There have been some moments of real regret.  Around 2008, I made a bad decision, but I don’t so much regret it – in fact it was the right decision, it was just badly executed.  Today, I stand by it because I learned so much from it – I still have HOPE left.

I recently, met some people and was able to discuss their future.  They told me what they do; and from that I could tell you what they earn.  I had recently helped a student with their homework – it was about investing and 401K’s.  So I could also, have told them a little about their retirement too.  It wasn’t adding up to be a good story – it never is, I know my own balance it not what is could be, should be – the table below is from another blog.

babyBut, its not too late, ever to build a retirement fund, there is still HOPE, lots of it.  The question I ask, and its the one I can answer, is who is going to help you build it.  If you can’t answer that question, then perhaps you don’t have any HOPE left.  Last week, my business partner and wife, Yvonne spent a week at a workshop, she was in the company of many people who could help her build our business; in a short-time she was telling me about the great people that she had spoken to and it became apparent that she was full of HOPE again.

This business, network marketing is about HOPE, we have encountered so many personal stories where it seemed that there was no HOPE left; only for an amazing story to be told.  And why, because they met someone who was willing to help.  It wasn’t about the product they were selling (although it is important) so much, as the people they met along their journey.  Looking back over the last 8 years, we have met some remarkable people; some who have really made a difference in our lives.  Some are so important, they are still part of our lives today…

So I challenge you, think about three people who you would say have made a difference in your life (we include Woore, Falcone, Robbins etc).  And if there is no one, you can name, then its time to ask for help, you need some of our HOPE, we have plenty to share….


What the world sees in your skin

Beauty on the surface but starts at the depths

One of the first things we notice about babies is how smooth and soft their skin is. From the moment we are born, our skin serves as our most reliable barrier between our inner and outer worlds. It is the layer everyone can see and touch. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then our skin is the causeway to the brain. In fact, our skin has its own kind of independent intelligence: it blushes when we’re embarrassed, “crawls” when we’re afraid, and itches or tingles for no apparent physical reason.

A woman’s complexion is intimately connected with her feelings of self-confidence and power: it’s the “face” she shows to the world. No wonder women spend so much time and money on beauty products and make-up. We’ve been taught to medicate or cover-up our so called flaws instead of figuring out why they are there in the first place.

No matter what line a beauty company tries to sell you, the basic fact is that a beautiful face is not just skin deep. Think of a plant – the first indication that it needs water is its droopy leaves. It may revive a bit if you spray some water on its surface, but in order to restore the plant to vibrancy you have to water its roots.

Paying loving attention to the health of your skin is one of the best and easiest ways to listen to your body. Whatever is going on inside will eventually show up on the outside. So if you have skin concerns, chances are you need to look beyond the surface to discover what is really going on. Yes, it can be complicated – the anatomy of the skin is linked to all our major functions, in including the immune, respiratory, circulatory, lymph and neurotransmitter systems – but caring for yourself on any one or all of these levels will improve the health of your skin.

Dealing with inflammation

Skin concerns arise on two fundamental levels: acute and chronic.  Chronic issues such as premature aging, acne, dermatitis, and rosacea  are all conditions that have recently been linked to chronic inflammation. Acute skin conditions and allergic responses, such as eczema, hives, rashes and/or unusual thickening, mottling/bruising or mole growth are very individual and may indicate a more serious underlying condition. If you notice any sudden or extreme change in your skin or moles, contact your healthcare professional.

To make significant improvements in the tone and texture of your skin, you need to soothe inflammation on two fronts:

  1. By neutralizing free radicals (both inside and out);
  2. By boosting immune function through good nutrition, supplements, hormonal balance, detoxification, and topical support.
  3. To get the inside job done, Ariix’s very own Nutrifii pharmaceutical grade supplements is a great start, and if you need help with cravings and staying away from allergy causing foods, the SLENDERIIZ homeopathic program has made thousands of people look younger wimg_2926-1hile losing weight at the same time; additionally, if you need to turn your nutritional habits around and your ready for a body transformation with an anti-aging bonus the 3X fat loss for Men and the 3X weight loss for Women personal education offers a impressive solutions. Detoxing and nutrients is a vital component of healthy and beautiful skin so both the SLENDERIIZ and 3X programs are sure to please.

Tightening_and_Brightening_Skin_SystemTo get the outside job done, Ariix’s revolutionary skin care line Jouvé offers amazing results with healing, moisturizing, and youthful results. The Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum visibly lifts, firms, minimizes, and restores for immediate time-shattering radiance, and the Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream corrects, evens, hydrates, and nourishes for beautifully youthful looking skin. Both products are all you need and replace any products you currently use for your eyes, mouth, and face making them multi-purpose.


First 60 days of 3X

I feel that being on the Tim Sales’ 3X program is repairing my adrenals.

I noticed there have been a couple nights that I didn’t wake up even once (it felt so weird when I did wake up because I realized that was the first time I had woken up since I went to sleep); and my thinking was so clear and sharp as soon as I woke up.

More than that, I’ve noticed I haven’t been getting tired immediately after stressful situations lately; this is something I’ve dealt with for years as you know; feeling suddenly tired after an emotional event or conversation. Even interacting with a bunch of people at one time would leave me feeling fatigued shortly thereafter!

To learn more about Tim Sales’ 3X program, go to


Tim Sales’ 3X say’s don’t exercise during weight loss; so does Fox26 News

One of the most profound pieces of teaching from Tim Sales’ 3X program is that in the first phase you don’t need excessive exercise to lose weight.  Tim actually tells his 3X subscribers to stop exercising.  A fact that I now believe to be true; since 26th December, 2015 I have used my Fitbit to measure my activity and its generally  between 7,000 to 12,000 steps per day (a little higher at weekends); which I would describe as moderate walking.  During this time, I have lost about 24 lbs in weight (as of January 29th, 2016).


To learn more about the 3X program for men or women,

click the appropriate button

Sorry, I got it wrong, but I know a man who can help you….

To burn one pound of fat you must burn about 3,500 calories – most diets suggest an intake of about 1,500 per day and so, I think they are suggesting an exercise program of about 5,000 calories.  Have you ever, been on the treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical or any machine at the gym that comes close to burning that about in a reasonable time frame.  Even the hardest working laborer is pushed to consume at that rate.  The 5,000 calorie daily burn is obviously too high, but spread over week manageable, say 500 to 1,000 calories over intake.

At the weekend, I watch infomercials; and there are numerous slots given to exercise guru’s who encourage you to exercise to lose weight, that is their product.  They provide you either with a machine, or an exercise routine that is convenient (5, 10, 30 minutes a day).  Remember that to lose weight you must burn more than you consume, so at 2,000 intake if you burn 2,500, then you burn (consume) 500 calories of fat (~ 0.2 lbs) and if we do that all week, we have lost our pound.


Watch the infomercials again, they add into the offer a bonus, in order to encourage you to buy, they are trying to persuade you that by adding value you will perceive their product better – it will probably be their bonus diet plan – a 100 page book.  They have to, because their original claim is somewhat flawed – you will lose most of the weight through the diet.  When the fat is gone, then you can tone it up.

Let’s do the math again, this time we follow the diet 1,500 and we don’t do the exercise, we just do our normal work routine or if we are a desk jockey, we get off out back-sides and walk for 30 minutes, maybe an hour, nothing too strenuous.  In my experience, my normal day is around 5,000 steps, my perfect day is over 10,000 steps and my weekend can be as much as 20,000 steps.  We probably could lose the same 0.2 pounds per day, by keeping to a 70,000 steps per week regime. 

However, if we push the body through exercise, the brain is probably going to recommend we eat more, somehow the body prefers to store fat for when we really need it.  Here in the US (and practically everywhere else) food is readily available, so storage is not a problem really.  And guess what, most of us would agree to eat more – which is why we are over-weight. So I stopped watching exercise infomercials, controlled my calories somewhat, but I didn’t lose weight or gain weight.  I was again wrong, sorry.

Evidence is now available that excessive exercise might cause the a weight loss plateau. Much like consuming alcohol, sugar (including natural fruit sugar) and carbohydrates.

I thought I would be better off swapping out all my food for everything diet, or low-fat, no carbohydrate, quit alcohol, blah, blah, you know what I mean.  Or buying pre-prepared weight-loss food products that are delivered to you door.  I even tried the protein shake route to losing weight, which is a very common product to sell by network marketing. Okay, sorry I have tried that, or variations of it and it didn’t work.  So, at this point I was ready to try something different.

I have told this story before.  I met a guy in Vegas; he isn’t a nutritionist or an exercise guru.  He was just a normal guy, who cared about his health and people.  His living was determined by being a people person.  He liked helping people, so they liked him – funny how that works.  I was there on business, so was he and we got talking.  He told me about his secret and what I learned next has changed my life, you see I had heard some of the messages a thousand times, but never really understood them, totally.  I had always gone half way – reminds me of the coke machine story, but that for another time.  He told me, how he and some of his closest friends got together and lost weight:

  1. Detox the body, completely – its sick and inflamed
  2. Don’t exercise to lose fat, exercise to build and tone muscle
  3. Get a good nights sleep
  4. Keep hydrated
  5. And the last secret, well he asked me not to tell anyone, but it was the key to success and to show you to his secret room

So the day after Christmas (12/26/2015). I went to his secret room online and I started doing exactly what he said.  Again, he wasn’t an expert nutritionist, but what he told me made sense.  In fact the more that I listened, the more I realized that he has studied this carefully, like an expert.  I was then 223 pounds and 33% fat.  30 days later, and I am 199 pounds and close to under 30% fat – so its working.  I haven’t exercised, just followed his 10 page document to the letter.  I don’t exactly remember the day I crossed from 199 to 200 pounds it was so long ago, but I will remember the day I went back.  You can find his secret room(s) by contacting me or clicking the appropriate button below:


Seriously, if you need to to lose 20 to 40 lbs then what have you go to lose, click it!!