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What the world sees in your skin

Beauty on the surface but starts at the depths

One of the first things we notice about babies is how smooth and soft their skin is. From the moment we are born, our skin serves as our most reliable barrier between our inner and outer worlds. It is the layer everyone can see and touch. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then our skin is the causeway to the brain. In fact, our skin has its own kind of independent intelligence: it blushes when we’re embarrassed, “crawls” when we’re afraid, and itches or tingles for no apparent physical reason.

A woman’s complexion is intimately connected with her feelings of self-confidence and power: it’s the “face” she shows to the world. No wonder women spend so much time and money on beauty products and make-up. We’ve been taught to medicate or cover-up our so called flaws instead of figuring out why they are there in the first place.

No matter what line a beauty company tries to sell you, the basic fact is that a beautiful face is not just skin deep. Think of a plant – the first indication that it needs water is its droopy leaves. It may revive a bit if you spray some water on its surface, but in order to restore the plant to vibrancy you have to water its roots.

Paying loving attention to the health of your skin is one of the best and easiest ways to listen to your body. Whatever is going on inside will eventually show up on the outside. So if you have skin concerns, chances are you need to look beyond the surface to discover what is really going on. Yes, it can be complicated – the anatomy of the skin is linked to all our major functions, in including the immune, respiratory, circulatory, lymph and neurotransmitter systems – but caring for yourself on any one or all of these levels will improve the health of your skin.

Dealing with inflammation

Skin concerns arise on two fundamental levels: acute and chronic.  Chronic issues such as premature aging, acne, dermatitis, and rosacea  are all conditions that have recently been linked to chronic inflammation. Acute skin conditions and allergic responses, such as eczema, hives, rashes and/or unusual thickening, mottling/bruising or mole growth are very individual and may indicate a more serious underlying condition. If you notice any sudden or extreme change in your skin or moles, contact your healthcare professional.

To make significant improvements in the tone and texture of your skin, you need to soothe inflammation on two fronts:

  1. By neutralizing free radicals (both inside and out);
  2. By boosting immune function through good nutrition, supplements, hormonal balance, detoxification, and topical support.
  3. To get the inside job done, Ariix’s very own Nutrifii pharmaceutical grade supplements is a great start, and if you need help with cravings and staying away from allergy causing foods, the SLENDERIIZ homeopathic program has made thousands of people look younger wimg_2926-1hile losing weight at the same time; additionally, if you need to turn your nutritional habits around and your ready for a body transformation with an anti-aging bonus the 3X fat loss for Men and the 3X weight loss for Women personal education offers a impressive solutions. Detoxing and nutrients is a vital component of healthy and beautiful skin so both the SLENDERIIZ and 3X programs are sure to please.

Tightening_and_Brightening_Skin_SystemTo get the outside job done, Ariix’s revolutionary skin care line Jouvé offers amazing results with healing, moisturizing, and youthful results. The Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum visibly lifts, firms, minimizes, and restores for immediate time-shattering radiance, and the Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream corrects, evens, hydrates, and nourishes for beautifully youthful looking skin. Both products are all you need and replace any products you currently use for your eyes, mouth, and face making them multi-purpose.


Is Jouvé an alternative to Allergan’s Botox?

On November 14th, Ariix launched a new skincare brand Jouvé – the results that I have seen so far are amazing and impressive.  You are going to want to get some Jouvé for sure.  At the launch, the two products introduced were:

  1. Instant tightening and restoring serum
  2. Dark spot corrector and brightening cream

The products are targeted towards both men and women; although I am certain that the female market is larger.  This brand is a winner for both customers and representatives of Ariix.   This is Ariix’s sixth brand; it complements other brands, such as Slenderiix and Nutrifii, which are targeted towards weight-loss and nutritional supplements, which are body-transformers.  In the next few days; we will be launching a brand new website www.joinjouvé.com; however, you can purchase your new skin care product’s here by clicking the button below:

Jouve button

What is special about Allergan’s Botox? 

Firstly, ask the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, on November 23, 2015 they signed a $160bn deal to buy the Dublin-based Allergan. Botox has become a $1.8bn-a-year brand, used worldwide by celebrities, the wealthy and, increasingly, the middle class in both developed and emerging markets. Botox procedures in the US can cost as much as $1,500 for full treatment on three areas of the face. The cosmetic treatment is not covered by health insurance.

How does Botox work ?

The drug, a form of botulinum toxin that works by temporarily paralyzing muscles, has also been approved for lucrative medical uses such as preventing underarm sweating, migraine headaches and overactive bladder. But about half of all Botox sales, comes from cosmetic uses.

What other pharmaceutical companies are in this market?

Other companies tried to knock Botox from its pedestal and largely failed, but made impressive dents.  Similar anti-wrinkle fighters are approved in the US: Dysport, and Xeomin were launched after a prolonged US court battle with Allergan. Today, they have a 15% share of the cosmetic market.  June 2015, Johnson & Johnson announced that they intended to launch products into this market too.

So why has Ariix launched into this realm of the market?

  • The market is huge and if Jouvé could capture just 1% market share over time, they would have about a $200m business
  • Jouvé is consistent with their health philosophy; it’s non-injectable and therefore can be purchased outside of specialist clinics
  • Jouvé is natural versus pharmaceutical Botox
  • Botox treatments last about 2-3 months; most specialist clinics recommend a wait period between injections; application of Jouvé can be used every day
  • Botox is considered a premium luxury-product ($150-500 per treatment); priced correctly Jouvé will be available to a larger demographic and reasonably priced according to most skin care specialist’s

If you would like more information about Jouvé and to purchase yours today, go to the new website www.joinjouvé.com

Tomorrow Leave Your Wrinkles with Us – Jouvé

Look 10-Years Younger in 90 Seconds!

Jouvé Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum

Naturally Preserves and Moisturizes

Clinical Studies Show:

  • 36% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • 93% increase in luminosity and radianc
  • 96% showed improvement in skin texture, smoothness and softness
  • 100% improvement in fine lines/wrinkles after 4 weeks

Jouvé Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream

Erases’ sun and age spots (no bleach-natural ingredients)

Jouvé was formulated through a collaboration of top experts, scientists, chemists, and dermatologists and is based on four criteria.  Each product is required to be – safe, effective, therapeutic, and multi-functional.


While many skincare and cosmetic options can be harmful and contain toxins, Jouvé meticulously created products that will never, ever use harsh ingredients or pose a long-term risk.


Each product had to reveal visible and true results that customers enjoy.


On top of visible results, Jouve’s products had to contain ingredients that nourish and protect the skin, as well as restore the skin’s radiance and health.


Each product name includes the word “and” because they are designed to fulfill more than one function and have multiple benefits.

Jouvé is safer, natural, and the results are more lasting than the following:

Skinpen treatment, Botox, Juvederm, Xeomin, Radiesse, and certain types of Anti-Aging facials

If you would like to know more, or purchase product contact us below