Jordan Adler – update

I think it was Fred Cooper, CEO Ariix who once said that the most important reason to attend conference was to re-engage, re-energize your network marketing business.  Eric Worre taught us, that process must be planned to be effective.  Last November at Go Pro Recruitment Mastery 2015, Yvonne purchased a ticket to the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing 2016 event held last weekend in Las Vegas, NV.  We have already committed to attend other events.

Why does attending boost your business?  It’s certainly, expensive and costs time out of the business.  And yet, we have commit every year, since 2014. I would say the reason is:

To meet with successful like-minded people, who can motivate and inspire you.  To rub shoulders with the network marketing industry, so that our confidence and acceptance grows stronger.  And to see “live” the leaders and to experience things that others outside the meeting can not.

It was that last comment, which drove Yvonne to speak with Jordan Adler at the coffee bar.  If your re-call the last time we met he was as on stage at Vegas.  He guided the audience; including us through as remarkable giving experience – $3.2 million dollars of giving.  It still blows my mind.  It really was beyond giving.

Yvonne was excited to meet him, because she remembered how impactful the moment was on both of us.  We build our business with giving in mind and we both are drawn towards that mind-set and culture.  It is one of the hardest lesson in life, to give away all you have, knowing you are really on it coming back to you one day.  We both would admit that we have more to learn, we are often humbled.  Click on the link if you would like to attend the next Go Pro Recruitment Mastery 2016