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Hey there, I’m Yvonne Smith, formerly known as Yvonne Karmout and also Yvonne Wagoner and I live in The Woodlands, Texas just north of Houston.

I’m the proud Mother of two daughters; Ashly is my oldest at 22, and is very creative and talented in computer graphics and just about anything having to do with music. Ashly graduated from the CHI school for Hair Design which is founded by the well-known, Farouk Shami.

Kaitlyn, my youngest, is a true leader of many things and she makes people her world; at 19 she attends the University of Texas studying mass communication’s with the desire to go into International Broadcast Journalism.

When I met Kevin, I was a typical single Mom and had been for about 8 years, including being the Girl Scout Co-Leader of my daughter’s troop, yep, that meant selling lot’s of cookies.  I was good at teaching the girls how to cold-call, pitch and close, because at that time my background was real estate and I was then closing $200,000 and $500,000 deals’; it was exciting and fun.  I was the bread winner, the nurturer, the nurse, and the guidance counselor.  I attended parent-teacher conferences and most of my daughter’s extra-curricular events and activities. I also had to shop for groceries, school clothes, and school supplies; and I definitely know what it feels like when your buddies have to leave for the weekend twice a month; and for the summer and holidays.

In the beginning…

Health has been my passion; in 1995 just before becoming a single Mom, I was accepted into a 2 year registered respiratory therapy program for pulmonary diseases. In the program, I learned all the systems of the human body in addition to pulmonary medicine.  A year later while I was doing my respiratory therapy hospital rotations, I was interning at the Texas Heart Institute for cardio-vascular research; working on the Jarvik 2000 permanent total artificial heart (invented by Dr. Robert Jarvik).  I worked the 7:00 pm to 7:00 am shift a couple days a week and although I was now divorced I had to do what a girl had to do. It was tough studying, working, and leaving my little ones with a caretaker for so long.

In approximately a year I joined the team at Memorial Herman Hospital in the Cardiopulmonary Department performing cardiac studies and tests; and I was included as part of the CODE team for the hospital. Part time here was 16 hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday. Even though I was still fairly young, I was on my feet the entire shift, two days in a row; talk about fatigued and exhausted.

My life working in a hospital was crazy and had to stop.  Around 2001, I decided to tap into my sales and marketing background from my younger years, so I went into real estate as a new home sales counselor and moved back to The Woodlands, especially since it meant better schools for my daughters.

disneyIn new home sales, I made a great living, even took my daughters to Disney World for a week visiting a different park every day. I was one of the top sales counselor’s and life was great, except for one thing; I worked every single weekend. Not such a big deal except I was an employee and didn’t have the luxury of spending time with my daughters on the weekends at all; the two days I had off, they were in school.

Along came Kevin…

In 2003, I met Kevin and the situation with not seeing my daughters on the weekends changed. I found my niche as a Dale Carnegie Executive; I had to graduate from all the programs that Dale Carnegie had to offer, in addition to maintaining my personal clients and corporate accounts. I even earned the Human Relations Award while doing so. Managing my clients and accounts meant I was responsible for the improvement of people and some large corporations.

When life gives you lemons….

In 2005, having returned to the real estate industry, I went for a routine well-woman exam; and a week later I had major surgery; due to the company closing it’s doors after my surgery, I didn’t have a job to go back to.  In health terms,  I’ve been recovering ever since however, I have found what doesn’t work and what does.  There are some major lessons along the way, that I hope to share with you.

I loved Business Development! So much so, that early in 2008, I was given the opportunity to manage the Business Development of Kevin’s coaching business and became DiSC certified; I’ll tell you more about this later.

By 2010,  I mastered so much about people and business development, that I was intrigued about the world of entrepreneurship; and wanted the opportunity to own my own business.  I decided to start with a small investment, be my own boss; and inspire and influence people to live out their dreams!  It’s been an amazing experience and I haven’t looked back.

February 2015, I officially set out to find the most stable, team oriented, worldly, successful company with health and wellness products that just couldn’t be matched. I studied in detail 11 different companies with a list of almost 34 criteria.  I spent several days and nights online reading, researching, and cross referencing. I was determined to find the perfect company for me.  After 4 weeks, I narrowed my search down to the best five companies; then down to three; and I noticed there was one company that I kept going back to and that was Ariix. In the end I chose Ariix; and I’m pleased on so many different levels! In this company, I found a company with a very high integrity that was looking for high caliber people to join their team!

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